Vancouver, Canada  2017
The first film I worked on was Police Academy 3 back in 1985 as I was training to become a stunt performer in Toronto. Since then I have worked on hundreds of commercials, films, television movies, series, episodes and video productions.
Other fun work I did was driving Mr. Magoo's old studebaker that had an extreme magnifying glass for a wind screen. Although it was impossible to see out the wind screen during the chase scene, I did get a monitor in the car on the last day of the chase and half of the chase was in reverse, so I could see out the back window. Mark was the stunt coordinator on that show as well.
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My favorite gig was driving the hover craft in Jackie Chan's film "Rumble in the Bronx" with my good friend Mark Akerstream. Mark was later killed on set when he was struck in the head by a projectile after an explosion. We spent many months working on that show with a ton of great stunt people who destroyed fourty or fifty vehicles.
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