Vancouver, Canada  2017
This is my web page design performance page. It is not enough to have a good looking page that loads quickly on your home super fast internet connection. The page has to be coded correctly and perform well for mobile users as well. Below you can see how the sites I have designed are rated for performance by Google's developers page test tool called PageSpeed Insights. For comparison, I have also posted the ratings for some of the biggest companies out there. Their mobile pages are a fail and their desktop pages are cautioned.
One of the important factors for any site to perform at its best, is the server in which it is hosted on. Some of the sites I have designed are hosted on other servers and perform to a lower standard than the sites I host.

Below are some sites I host and have server level access to.
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Below are the Google performance reports for Samsung, Sony and Apple. Notice even their desktop pages are cautioned.
page speed insights test image
suzuki parts speed test image
superior sprockets speed test image
rob speed test image
Here is a comparison of the GTMetrix site performance testing between one of my sites and
gtmetrix performance test image
katana parts page image
superior sprockets page image
rob wilton page image
gt metrix performance image small
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