rob wilton

I have enjoyed 30 years in the film and television industry in the stunt department. I have been able to contribute to well over one hundred films, television shows, and commercials which has been at times challenging and has also been a great creative outlet. My first feature film was "Police Academy III" back in the mid 80's.
fantastic 4
fantastic 4
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the A team
I worked very hard for an opportunity to be involved in the industry and by the grace of God, it turned into an exciting career. I was able to meet many rich, ambitious, talented and unfortunately very empty souls trying to find real meaning in life. I was one of those until  my early thirties. I had what some would say was a terrific life, plenty of money and exciting adventures with famous people, but deep down it wasn't enough. I was never quite fully satisfied by the trappings the movie lifestyle had to offer.
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when cries the heart
Even many celebrities, who had (have) far more than I ever did are also looking for that sense of deeper meaning that money and fame don't fulfill. I found what satisfied my soul. Jesus Christ changed my life. I have made many missteps and mistakes since, but have found God's love doesn't depend on me being perfect. If you are interested how, visit my blog linked below and read some of the  200 thousand plus words I have written to date about faith, science, pain, suffering and deep joy.
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1920 x 1080 black cat phone or tablet wallpaper  available on request