Vancouver, Canada  2017
There is much more to a good website than just its looks. It also needs to be coded correctly for proper rendering on a wide range of browsers and devices. Your site can look great (once it loads) but may take longer than people are willing to wait. This can cost viewship and money if you have an e-commerce site.
Having some knowledge of who pages load, what is appropriate for above and below the fold is just one of many skills you need to create a successful website. I have created websites for a range of companies and individuals. Some extremely inexpensively, some not so much.
If you are interested in having a website created and don't want one of those cheap looking cookie cutter templates so many others have, email me for a quote. Pages start at $100.00, and can include custom graphics, multi-media and more. You can choose from a single size page, or a responsive page that will look great on any cell phone, or a 27" monitor.
Along with my Rob website, below are other websites I have designed and host. Click on the icons below to visit the sites and go HERE to see the Google performance test results my sites receive.
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